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Compassion To Help Others Makes You Want To Dance


Aug 11

Secrets To Live Your Dreams Now

Secrets To Focus On Your Dreams


One of the golden rules in life is to believe in your dreams and find the secrets how to make it happen.

If not you then who? If not now, when?

To begin to believe in your dreams

you must know what it is and give it some thought what your Dream will look like.

Are you Ready To Live Your Dreams?

If your answer is yes, proceed with enthusiasm every moment of the day. This is key to being successful and seeing your dreams come to pass.

Focus On Your Dreams With This System

IS The System easy to use? YES!

1000’s  of PEOPLE

Have made their first dollar ONLINE with this  SYSTEM ! 

My new system I have to offer YOU, SIMPLE WORKS….



1000’s  of PEOPLE HAVE MADE THEIR First DOLLAR ONLINE with us! It’s true!



Again What would you do with more $$$ and more free time..


Buy a new car……?














Travel to exotic places, like Bora Bora, an island in Tahiti?




or  Live In Your Dream Home?












or maybe just relax with your family and walk on the beaches of the world……….





Ok…… see it…….believe it ……….

And now…………….

See how stay at home moms use this simple system

to make money  from the comfort of their homes…..

to make their dreams come true too!

And it all starts here today….







It’s NOT HARD to learn how to use our

Secrets To Start Living Your Dream


Here’s a simple step to get you thinking about your dream and what it may look like.

Now, Close your eyes and stop everything around you.

Stop the noise, and remember a time when you were the happiest in your life.

TAKE IT slow, take some deep breathes in and let it out slowly, relaxing.


What were you doing? …………=ahhhh… take a deep breathe in and let it out slowly……

Who were you with in this time of happiness? And where were you?  Can you see it?


AND WILL FOCUS! This is for you!

I can remember when I was on vacation and the time away from my stores made me happy. I lived in the city and found when I went to tropical islands that I loved, and I wanted to see the water and eat fresh fruit and fresh caught mahi mahi  and the excitement of travel was my reward from my hard work in by business. One of my favorite islands was Bora Bora. The picture below is me and how I would find my new wardrobe made up of mostly bathing suits and cut up t shirts.


Borabora BoraBora-2











I soon  realized I could take several vacations  and go when I wanted to. I did not have a boss because I was my own boss. That’s a good feeling. I have actually been to Bora Bora twice with a total over 62 days.



How do I know this is the best?

I know after searching the internet and signing up with different companies over the last 5 years,

spending a lot of time, chasing my dream lifestyle,

and a whole lot of money, with some results but not enough to satisfy me and my team.

So I kept looking and searching for one that would be the perfect fit.

Finally I found the team and the system that  is the BEST THERE IS!

No kidding!

No recruiting and you still learn to make money online!



Motivation and Inspiration To Live Your Dreams





How To Focus To Make Your Dreams Come True


Let’s discover what you want to do and give it some thought.


What are your talents?

What are you good at and what are your talents you were born with.

Discover this and you will discover what comes natural for you.

Our system will help you discover this and more.


What environment would you see yourself working in?

A lot of people find themselves working in a profession that pay fairly high but they are not happy. Let’s take Lawrence Tam for instance, a young man in his early 30’s commuting across the City of Houston and working in a cubicle making $85,000 a year or little more. He knew he wanted to retire his wife from work so she could be with their children. He was able to do that by going on the internet and creating a great wealth with an online home business. After finding the right niche’ and the right group of people he made over one million dollars in 16 months and retired. Well, he hasn’t really retired, the money won’t stop coming in.  These are real stories of people I know personally.  

Then there’s Kris Darty, he found he had to go online after his Father n law, his own Pastor, had lost their Church do to a fire. And after the firefighters showed up it was water logged thru and thru. Ruined.   He went online to make enough money to put down on another church for the congregation and in his multiple streams of income makes up to $16,000 monthly in one.

Now, I have personally made up to 1k, (one thousand dollars) in an hour on the net using twitter. :)






Need more then do this step…….

On a piece of paper answer this Question:

How could you turn your passions into work?


Remember get real clear about what you want to do and when do you want to accomplish this.

Clarity of Vision is Key

Create and Define a Roadmap

What will your first steps look like?


Stay Inspired and Make Your Dream Come True

Once you have learned to inspire yourself than you can inspire others. And if others around you are inspired than you have just helped yourself by

increasing your productivity to a higher level of performance. ~Karol Kyno


Live as if You cannot Fail This is a True Leader and how your dream will come true.

Simplify your Dream and Focus on it daily.

You will have to lead yourself and later you can lead others to help with you accomplishing your dream.

Sometimes we must have one purpose and are driven by that one purpose to make success happen. It will if you are consistent and stay motivated along the journey. Many times there are people and situations, hey we live in life and stuff happens out of our control. but if you have a never give up attitude you can make it happen.




 let’s be friends.


Here’s to your roadmap of success and living your dream! 


Oct 05

Empower Network Event San Diego

Empower Network event in San Diego was epic!


Empower Network San Diego Event


Empower Network in San Diego was an awesome leadership event. The faces of love & light were everywhere. We, I believe in people making a true difference of lifting one another up goes much deeper than we can imagine!


The late great, Singer John Lennon, singing “Imagine All the People” remember the lyrics?  We at Empower Network keep removing our masks so we can empower more people to network openly in an awesome atmosphere of love and life long friendships.   Imagine that as we grow, we attract more like minded people to join our membership site.

We are more than teaching business owners how to run their business on the internet and how to openly make a difference too.

We teach one another “Charity” and how we can lock arms and fight the forces of evil!! Together we are living a meaningful life for one another!! Never give up on your dreams and fight the forces of evil!!

I am going to keep focusing on my dream and Let’s Focus On Your Dream too!

Empower Network Events

Empower Network Event - San Diego standing unmasked Karol Kyno & D Verrengia

Empower Network Events Where Dreams Come True!

You must go to the events because that is where you meet people and behind closed doors or on pedi cab rides you learn the real secrets how leaders are making $54,000 like my friend BJ. Oh BTW, BJ has a birthday coming up, his big 21!! Thinking outloud, I will have to send him a pedicab to his door with a birthday cake!  lol.. Meanwhile, we rode on the harbor side of San Diego while conversing the details of planning how to take over and bring more leaders to Empower them for the next event in Austin.

Empower Network BJ Dolla

Who's dat? BJ Dolla


Little did we know Murwan our pedicab  driver was listening intently and our bill for the 2 hours was a whopping $160 for all the manpower it took to glide us thru the streets and harborside of San Diego. I have never laughed so much and so hard as I did on this ride!!

It was well worth it!! LMAO


Karol Kyno

Masked KK Harborside

Check out this video from San Diego and join me now to start earning 100% Commissions!!

Join for $25 < click to watch  and Make $1000 a Day Video



Now, we are running this “CONTEST”,  that starts Monday, October 8, 2012 and ends October 22, 2012 > WIN A FREE I-PAD, shipped to your door ($499 Value)!!

Empower Network Events

Who Wants a New i-Pad?

BJ above telling his friends while Simon tells his!!

Tell your friends, and Join me and let’s win you one!!



Empower Network Karol Kyno

What are you waiting for Join Empower Network!

Dec 08

Rules For Growing And Protecting Your Wealth Have Changed. Entering Into A New Economic Era!

Many have had a Dream. We work hard and save money in hope of living the dream, but sometimes in life there are detours. Did you have a dream?… and then the bottom of our economy as we knew it, fell apart!

And Did you know more millionaires were created during the Great Depression than in any other time in history?  Think of that multiplied by 1000, with the use of Internet connecting family, friends and neighbors, that’s what we’re about to see happen!

This is the link to the presentation, Go here NOW!

What’s coming next? ….RIGHT NOW is the most exciting time Ever to be alive. We have heard alot about, the Greatest Wealth Transfer that’s going to take place. But with the loss of jobs, 401k’s, pensions, and now the realestate bubble, and the loss of houses how could we possibly head in an upward direction?…   RIGHT NOW You are at the right place to receive insight into recurring riches.

Earlier,  this week, entrepreneur Mike Dillard, self made millionaire over the last 3 years, an Informational Marketer, living in Austin, Texas released one of the most incredible and value rich presentations I have ever watched. In fact, I sat through it twice, because of how compelling and powerful  our future new economy he projects.

In the beginning, what he paints about the future of our country isn’t good…… not good at all.  To be honest it looks like it’s going down the toilet.

But then Mike presents an incredible opportunity which can position you and your family to create the largest wealth transfer you have and may ever experience. Even with the economy and US dollar collapse, the new economy could bring on a major richness to your life just like You have dreamed about. Below my affiliate link will take you straight to the presentation with no further assistance.

Seriously, if you haven’t taken the time, you need to sit and watch this. I met Mike in Austin, so I know he’s a real person doing good for many. When you watch the presentation you will see he is sincere and knows much more than an average person at 33 years old..

Mike Austin 2010

Turn off all distractions and listen closely to Mike, he’s been studying trends, and he’s friends with influential people like the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki.  This may be the most important time you have ever invested in, this year.  Sunday is the cut off time to watch the video presentation about our economy with no-fluff explanation what’s really going to transpire over the next 6-36 months. IT doesn’t get any more straight forward and brutally honest than this. People are saying this should be on Breaking News or 60 minutes. It is that good!

This is the link to the presentation, Go here NOW!

To our Future Dreams in 2011,

Karol Kyno

This is the link to the presentation, Go here NOW!

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